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In the midst of the great depression, a group of Zakynthians got together and formed a Brotherhood. These individuals, who had left a peasant way of life back in their home island of Zakynthos a decade or two prior, possessed the sensitivity, the desire, and the knowledge to follow the proper legal and civil procedures to form an organization, which in its final form was sanctioned and incorporated by the State of California. Their sole motivation was to help each other during those turbulent years. Little did they know that seventy five years later we, the inheritors and successors, the sons and daughters of these enlightened individuals, would honor and recognize their initiative and continue their endeavor.


These are the actual stamped minutes of the very first exploratory meeting that took place on July 1, 1935. In these, we see the names of those constituting the temporary founding committee, as well as, all others present.

First Minutes of Founding Meeting

In the subsequent months of 1935 these few individuals, with minimal outside help, proceeded through the motions of gathering membership, electing a permanent governing board, raising funds, creating a 78 Article Charter, and incorporating the organization with the name “ZAKYNTHIANS’ BROTHERHOOD of CALIFORNIA” with the proper state authorities on October 3rd, 1935.

Incorporation Charter
Founding Members & Signatories

On October 27, 1935 the Zakynthians’ Brotherhood of California held a constitutional meeting in which the newly written Constitutive Charter was debated, voted upon and adapted. The entire membership assembly subsequently decided to proclaim October 1st 1935, as the founding date of the Brotherhood. Below are all the names of the founding members along with those of the governing board who became the signatories of the Constitutive Charter.


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